What are Pallet Collars and why should you use them?

High quality storing, packing and shipping that adheres to legal requirements are of the utmost importance for current businesses, pallets and pallet collars have never been so vital. As beneficial as pallet collars can be, many businesses are unaware they even exist! This article will explain exactly what a pallet collar is, how they are used, and the benefits of using them alongside your pallets.

What is a Pallet Collar?

Pallet collars are a revolutionary solution that has broken the mould of traditional wooden boxes. Constructed from wooden boards and metal hinges, collars offer the perfect solution to protect and secure your products. The collars are placed on top of your traditional pallets and form a secure box for your products to go safely inside. “How is this any different than a traditional wooden box?” you may ask. Well, pallet collars do not require any assembly, they can be popped open and collapsed in a second and easily placed on top of your original pallets; simple. Their design is the main feature of the products increasing popularity, but these beauties have a lot more to offer, let’s explore all of their benefits.

Benefits of Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars Save Space

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of pallet collars is the valuable space they save you, and anybody involved in storing or transporting your products. The unique design of the collar allows for stacking whilst your products are in a warehouse or are being transported. Stacking is highly efficient and can also be cost-effective. Added space is saved when storing the collars themselves. As the collars are collapsable, they take up minimal space when not in use.

Pallet Collars are Cost-Effective

A further benefit of using collars for your pallets is their ability to save your business money. Firstly, as you will be highly aware, time is money! Collars are speedy to assemble and apply and will save you time over traditional wooden boxes. Additionally, the storage space and subsequently the price for keeping traditional boxes will be significantly higher than if using collars; another great reason to invest.

As well as this, your business will be able to ship more products whilst using less space, this will reduce your transportation costs and even your overall business costs. Also, as collars reduce the risk of damage to your pallets and products, there will be less chance of having to replace or repair anything.  Finally, costs can be cut due to the boxes saving space due to stack-ability when in warehouses or within transport.

Pallet Collars are Safe

Safety of your pallets and products does not only affect your costs if damage occurs, but outcomes can also be highly inconvenient and time-consuming. Using these collars are the number one way to increase the safety of your pallets and collars to save you all disruption associated with damage.

Pallet Collars from PR Pallets

For all storing, packing and transporting worries, consider a pallet collar. If you are interested in saving space, safety and cost-efficiency solutions for your business, we are here to help. PR Pallets offer the highest quality pallet collars new and used, see more here. We offer sizes 1200×80 to fit a Euro size pallet, and also 1200×1000 to fit a UK size pallet.

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