Pallet Recycling and Waste Disposal

PR Pallets offers a pallet recycling and waste disposal service for your unwanted wooden pallets, that’s often far cheaper than metal waste skips.

Our customers find that we are often 60% cheaper when collecting wood, cardboard and plastic!

We offer a lorry hire collection, and you can simply fill the lorry up with your wood/ pallets. We dispose of all our waste and therefore do not use third parties who have hidden charges and transport costs.

It’s simple, we have one price for one collection, and we are 60% cheaper than hiring a skip. For standard UK and Euro pallets that are of good quality, rebates can be offered to the customer.

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How Pallet Recycling Benefits your Business

At PR Pallets, our zero waste policy is something we’re pretty proud of, and we enjoy providing companies with the opportunity to move toward a more sustainable business model with our pallet recycling services. By choosing to recycle your unwanted pallets, you are helping your business to become more environmentally friendly, which offers a whole host of benefits.

Appeal to New Customers

Demonstrating that your business cares more about the environment and less about profit is a highly attractive trait amongst today’s informed and opinionated consumers.

A study from the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) found that 9 out of 10 consumers consider themselves as “conscious consumers”, 87% of which are more likely to purchase from businesses that commit to environmentally friendly practises.

Reduce Waste

Although this might seem like the most obvious benefit, it’s important to consider pallet recycling as an option. With approximately two billion pallets currently in the pallet network in the US alone, these would otherwise end up in landfill if there wasn’t any pallet recycling practises in place.

Not only is this a serious environmental issue, but it would also significantly increase your disposal costs.

Approved the Environmental Agency, we are registered to collect and dispose of wooden waste. Our pallet recycling service meets WRAP Packaging Waste Regulations. Our services include:

  • Collection and disposal of scrap, broken and damaged wooden pallets
  • Rebates available for well-conditioned pallets
  • Any pallets that cannot be recycled or repurposed is used for Biomass or woodchip.

As part of our zero waste policy, we salvage usable components to make reconditioned pallets or repair other pallets and convert any unusable material into woodchips. The pallet recycling process takes place at our West Horndon site but is available across the UK.

How is Pallet Recycling Good for the Environment?

A study conducted at the Virginia Tech institution revealed that up to 95% of pallets in the US were being recycled as opposed to being sent to landfill. This has a huge impact on the environment, as recycling practises have overall reduced the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites.

Over the past 10 years, the number of pallets being taken to waste disposal facilities has been reduced by a fantastic 86%, as Landfill is no longer the obvious and only option when it comes to waste disposal.

The number of pallet recycling programmes has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. Just 51 million pallets were recycled in 1992, compared to the 474 million pallets recycled in 2011! By choosing to recycle your unwanted pallets, your business can help ensure even fewer pallets head to the landfill.

Our Zero-Waste Policy

We understand that eventually, all pallets will run their course. When this time comes, there are a number of different ways they can be recycled.

Sustainability is vital to our business values, which is why we operate a zero-waste policy and have efficient recycling practices in place which ensures that all parts of used pallets are used again in some way. In instances where a pallet is no longer repairable, we breakdown the components and use what we can as the material for woodchip.

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