Why Your Business Should Use Sustainable and Reusable Packaging

With the ongoing climate crisis, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to switch to sustainable and reusable packaging. It’s vital organisations adopt sustainable packaging initiatives, not only to lead by example but to keep up with consumer demands and behaviours.

To help combat the change in our climate, organisations around the world are taking steps towards sustainable and reusable packaging. Even one of the world’s largest companies McDonald’s has rolled out the use of paper straws to combat their use of single-use plastic. This has got other organisations thinking of ways they can reduce their carbon footprint, with new innovative packaging products.

Any businesses involved in transporting or shipping goods will need/ use a pallet of some type. Wooden pallets are amongst the most popular of pallet types, but with concerns rising over the environmental issues, why should your business begin or continue to invest in sustainable and reusable packaging such as wooden pallets?

this is a picture of a pallet and recycling

How Are Wooden Pallets Sustainable and Reusable?

As an organic and flexible material, when used correctly wood has a much longer lifespan than plastic. As the most sustainable and durable material used to manufacture pallets, construction is quick and easy.

The beauty of wooden pallets means that if damage were to occur, they can be easily repaired or replaced. At PR Pallets, we operate a zero waste policy which sees all components of a damaged or used pallet used again in some way. Any remaining good quality parts are used to construct reconditioned pallets, while damaged pieces are transformed into woodchip, therefore making wooden pallets sustainable and reusable packaging.

From a business perspective, the construction of wooden pallets is much easier and faster than plastic, saving us time and money which in return allows us to sell wooden pallets to you at a cost-effective price. Construction of wooden pallets is much less complex than plastic pallets, as there is no need for a moulding process to mould the plastic to the correct dimensions. When it comes to shipping and transportation, it’s much easier to manoeuvre and handle wooden pallets, compared to the sometimes slippery surface of the plastic.

Wooden pallets are also not made for single use. Their durability means they can be used time and time again, and pallets often remain in the pallet network for 10+ years before they are shredded down to woodchip or disposed of in other ways.

As a natural and renewable resource, wooden pallets are the sensible choice when it comes to purchasing sustainable and reusable packaging.

Why Is It Important to Switch to Sustainable and Reusable Packaging?

The logistics industry is rapidly changing, and a key factor that agencies and consumers across the globe will be focused on over the next few years is how they can reduce their impact on climate change and the environment.

Investing in sustainable and reusable packaging now allows businesses to gain more advantageous conditions long-term. Consumers are no longer looking just at what you produce, but how you are producing it, packaging it and transporting it. The publicity of climate change and the introduction of new sustainable and reusable packaging has led consumers into changing their demands from businesses and their behaviours.

These changes can have a substantial impact on businesses that neglect the need to make a change.

What Other Benefits Are There To Switching?

Compared to other traditional packaging products, sustainable and reusable packaging offers great quality at a cost-effective price. With wooden pallets, your business will operate much more efficiently while saving you both time and money. Wooden pallets also ensure that less packaging is wasted or ends up in landfill, a great way to show your business is focused on it’s CSR.

And with reduced costs, your business can be more competitively priced!

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